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Getting Started in the food industry. Your company will fall under one of two categories according to Health Department regulators/ regulations

Retail Food Establishment License from county health department: Food Trucks, Caterers, Temporary Events & Food Producers Direct to Consumer (ie. a farmers market) IF product is potentially hazardous.

Local Health Departments regulate the above mentioned companies. You must obtain an Affidavit of Commissary each year from the county health department that you are working in.

Denver County Restaurant and Food Establishment Inspections

Denver Food Trucks Guide

Denver Food Truck Licensing

Denver County Affidavit

Jefferson County Retail Food Establishment Page

Jefferson County Affidavit

Tri-County Food Safety Home

Tri-County Affidavit

Wholesale Producer: Producer who makes a packaged product and sells to a third party such as a retail store or restaurant. You may also sell direct to consumer IF product is not considered potentially hazardous.

Complete wholesale application with a commissary agreement with Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment’s Division of Environmental Health and Sustainability.  Depending on how you want to sell your product and they type of product, you may need a license from the local Department of Health. Find out which license(s) you need with this quiz

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Rocky Mountain Commissary is a place for Denver food trucks, chefs, caterers, packaged food producers, kitchen hobbyists and cooking enthusiasts.

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